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Wood Burning with a Passion – The best stoves in the world crafted in the heart of England’s countryside.

Since the establishment of Clearview in 1987, the brand has gone on to become ‘Industrial Leaders’, setting the benchmark for performance and stove design. Each aspect of the production process is controlled by a passionate and enthused Clearview team. Designed with you in mind a Clearview stove radiates well-being, peace and tranquillity all the aspects to create the outdoors in the comfort of your home.

Clearview has become the industry leaders due to their belief and passion for keeping the environment safe. Simplicity in the lives of others has served as the guide for Clearview creators Helen and Jonathan when designing their range of contemporary and traditionally styled stoves. The warmth that radiates from a Clearview stove creates a magical experience that brings together loved ones as they talk, laugh and relax around the fire. Since the establishment of Clearview in 1987 the brand has proven to become a recognised trademark all around the world.

A Clearview stove is an investment to any home and is a pleasure to use during the cold winter months. There is nothing that can quite compare to their stoves and is a great focal point in your home becoming one of life’s genuine pleasures. The finest materials are used to construct each Clearview stove with exceptional craftsmanship that enables a Clearview stove to burn unattended and for long periods of time.

The variety of Clearview stoves available through Bell includes small, medium or large sized available to suit any sized home. The Clearview Vision 400 multi fuel stove has a 5kW heat output and is the perfect example of a small traditionally styled stove built for smaller sized homes. This stove is simple to use and is the ultimate focal point for your living space, specifically built to heat extensive living spaces through use of natural products such as wood or coal.

Clearview have taken measures to instil confidence and peace of mind for their customers by granting a three year warranty on each stove sold. Designed with you in mind a Clearview stove radiates well-being, peace and tranquillity, all the aspects to create the outdoors in the comfort of your home. Make an appointment and come in to Bell today to change your life and home with the Clearview of your choice.

Clearview Pioneer 400 Multi Fuel Stove

Our best-selling stove in the Clearview range. The Clearview Pioneer 400 multi fuel stove is an elegant stove that is diverse enough to fit comfortably into either a country cottage, modern apartment or even a mobile home or boat. This elegantly styled stove has a large window providing uninterrupted views of the flames. The heavy duty steel inside ensures the durability of the Clearview Pioneer 400 stove and a long life.

  • FREE Clearview gloves with purchase
  • Elegance surrounds you with the Clearview Pioneer 400 stove
  • One double-glazed door that gives an uninterrupted view of the flames
  • Clearview cleanburn technology – provides clean glass windows all year around
  • Suitable for small cottages or small living spaces with its 5kW heat output

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Clearview 650 Solution

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Clearview 500 Vision

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We have lived in a large house for the last 14 yrs, dreading every winter. At last no more, the Clearview Stoves are excellent.

We have had our Pioneer Oven for three years now and a very excellent stove it is: easy to light, excellent build quality, and we use it to roast potatoes, boil veg, cook casseroles etc

Purchased this stove approximately 10 years ago when renovating an old pub to live in and it really is one of the best decisions we made.

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