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Fatboy Headdemock Hammock


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  • Comes with 2 hand carrier bags
  • Dimensions: 330cm x 127cm x 110cm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Dirt Repellent
  • Sturdy Frame
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Product Description

Another of Fatboy’s extravagantly large designs, the Headdemock easily has room for several people. This luxury hammock doesn’t need trees or rope: it’s safely attached to a sturdy frame, so anyone can create a comfortable hang-out in their garden or on their balcony. The Headdemock is manufactured from durable materials, with water- and UV ray-resistant fabric for years of pleasure! And when summer finally comes to a close, just pop the Headdemock into its purpose-made storage bag till the warmer weather returns.

About Fatboy

Fatboy are an inspiring lifestyle brand that has introduced the oversize beanbag to the living rooms of the world. They are also the company that brought you the first outdoor chandelier and a luxurious giant sized hammock. The brand that is as much about ‘form follows function’ as it is about ‘form follows fun’. Fatboy are about making every day life just that little bit more exciting and to which it’s their mission, and Bell and Fatboy have only just begun.

How to care for you Headdemock Hammock

Treat you Headdemock like regular garden cushion and store it indoors when ite rains. Can hold upto 150KG.
Clean with luke warm water and soap.


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